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Price List

Individual Training
Basic Handgun Instruction (CCW)

This training will provide you with the requirements to submit and receive your CCW permit

Basic Pistol Marksmanship

This training will bring you closer to proficiency that is a must. Techniques are taught with scenarios.

Individual Firearm Training

This training is developed after a brief course of fire. Then we will dive in and hone your individual skills. 

Proper Cleaning of your firearm

One of the most necessary aspects of owning a firearm is proper maintenance. A firearm not cleaned properly is more dangerous to you. AFI will provide you detailed instructions on how to properly clean your firearm. 

Group Training
Small Group Training

Bring you group. Learn some specific techniques and learn as a group. Family, friends, office group.

Women's Familiarity Course of Fire

More and more women are carrying for self protection. This course will give you the confidence you need to protect yourself with your personal firearm.

Range Day

Range Day is a fun learning day.

Bring your firearm, concealed carry holster and 150 rounds with at least one extra magazine. Water and snacks are advised.

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