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Range Bag

Range Bag

Range Bag

Range Day Checklist




1. eye protection, both clear and as sunglasses for outdoor training

2. band-aids

3. a small flashlight (for seeing into firearms during minor repairs or for shining down a barrel in case of a suspected squib round)

4. notebook and pen

5. dummy rounds, for malfunction drills

6. sharpie marker

7. gun oil

8. cleaning supplies

9. screwdriver with multiple bits

10. cleaning rod – rigid steel so that it can also be used to eject stuck casings or a squib round from the barrel or chamber

11. Glock disassembly tool and an AR front-sight adjustment tool

12. multi-tool

13. ear plugs

14. extra magazines for my pistol

15. shot timer

16. electronic ear muffs

17. gloves (for cold-weather training or when training involves hand abrasion)

18. Emergency Personal Injury Kit – (my RATS tourniquet is in my pocket)

19. cloth rag

20. masking tape

Good to haves

___Water ____ Bug Spray

___Snacks ____Gun locks

___Sunscreen ____Credentials

Beyond must-haves and advisable items, maybe include in your range bag things that are specific to the type of training you do and things contextual to your training environment (indoors, outdoors, pistols or rifles, standing target practice, or dynamic moving and shooting, etc.). It’s YOUR range bag and should be set up to serve you, given what you do and where you go to shoot.

While there’s no need to pack your range bag like you’re going away on a weekend trip, you want to have the things that will make your trip to the gun range a comfortable one and allow you to be prepared for when minor and major things go awry.

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